Available deposit methods:

  • Directly from your BTC wallet
  • from FaucetHub.io
  • from faucetsystem.com
Available withdraw methods:

  • Directly to your BTC wallet
  • to FaucetHub.io
Affiliate program:

  • 50% from faucet
  • 5% from the purchase of a cloud contract
  • 0.5% from browser mining
Honset cloud mining

Real hardware

You can see their hashrate and profitability online!

All statistics are public!
At any time, check your share of profits!

Guaranteed profit

The contracts work until the equipment burns out!

All equipment has a warranty and in case of failure before the time it will be replaced!

Any amount

You can start even with
0.00000001 BTC!

Decide how many are ready to invest.

Any deposit

Pay any convenient currency listed on the site!

In addition you can also deposit funds from the FaucetHub.io

Cheap service

We constantly try to make the cost of maintenance minimal

Our conditions, the best in the market!

Affiliate program

Bring your friends and
get a bonus!

With every purchase of the contract, get 5%!